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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ignorance continue to manifest itself

As I so often find myself, sitting and reflecting over things that my brain in its vast array of  articles of remembrance in its library pull out for me to review. One such item took place on the 15th of August, I took my 2003 Dodge Dakota to a dealership in Statesboro, GA., I suspected that it had a blown head gasket and after much testing, the dealership shop manager moved to that decision as well, I was told the vehicle would probably be ready toward the end of the day of the 23rd, but surely by the morning of the 24th. I checked back with the dealership on the 24th around 1110 hrs.. The vehicle was not ready and from the look of things that were disconnected from the motor compartment, it looked as though it would be a few hours to say the least before I would be able to climb into those leather seats and run her on my much pressing business needs. On the 25th, at approximately 1121 hrs. I received a call on my cell phone from one of the ladies that log the vehicles in and log them out once work has been performed, she said to me that my vehicle was being put together and that I could pick up my truck later that day (the 25th). I arrived at the dealership around 1615 hrs.,( that's a full 4 hrs. after I had received  a call from the service desk of the dealership) and to my dismay, the vehicle looked exactly as it did on the 24th, now, why in all of hell did someone tell that nice young lady to call me and to inform me that my vehicle would be ready? The service manager is nothing but an incompetent jackass, he wasted my time of 1 hour and 15 minutes (round trip) running to the dealership only to see that my conveyance weren't ready. I have come to realize, although I frown upon it with everything in my being, that most people are without any common sense and to tell you the truth, they are woefully ignorant.

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